The Symbiotic approach

Our unique PR Approach

We treat your brands with the pride and distinction that they deserve. Utilising a highly integrated approach,
we work with client’s above and below-the-line agencies, to ensure we’re all speaking with one voice.


We understand the company and its brands or closeness with brand.


We understand what we need to achieve and your budget parameters.


We put the expertise and resources in place to implement within budget.


We evaluate the success of the programme.

Brand Building PR

PR plays a major role in establishing and shaping consumer perceptions and establishing trust and credibility of brands
in a way which has emotional relevance for the consumer.

Events & Media Launches

Corporate PR

“The mass economy has been replaced by a ‘customer economy’,
which calls for customer to customer communications built on trust.” Fusion Branding


Consumers prefer to choose brands that care.

Digital & Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Using advocacy strengths of social media to drive value in your brands and business. We assist brands to develop influencer marketing strategies (identifying influencers, develop messaging and support influencers on their own discovery of the brand).